Massages and  Reflexology


The masseuses offer traditional massage Theravada (pressure, stretching, rotations, swings, etc…), massages pouches, pressure and foot reflexology massages. Every day you can book your massage for the next hour.
This massage is the meeting of Chinese massage, shiatsu, some “asanas” (postures) of yoga and Indian Ayurvedic medicine. introduced in Asia for centuries, the Chinese have returned to Cambodia to the eighth century BC, the same time as the Buddha’s disciples brought to the Theravada tradition.

The technique is to stimulate energy points, the system of ten “sen” on 72,000 prana nadis which in Indian medicine, make up the energy envelope of the body. There are also known points in Chinese acupuncture. Combining stretching and pressure, it makes the body’s energy balance by acting on the muscles, ligaments, joints, bones, connective tissue and organs.

Effects and benefits

These massages are unparalleled physical and mental relaxation, improves flexibility, tension and toxins are released from your muscles and you find a nice feeling of freedom, lightness and unity of the body through the mind. a feeling of well-being invaded you in relaxation.

It is very useful for the comfort of daily life. His interest is felt every day. it is also a tradition in Cambodia, to find this cream, massage oil is eucalyptus.


Thai Yoga Therapy

Thai Yoga Therapy relies on the principle of Metta Bhavana -Cultivating Compassion- and aims at bringing more calm and peace into the receiver’s life on physiological, mental and spiritual levels. It is great in combination with the practice of Yoga Asanas.
Usually practiced on a floor mat, the receiver remains fully clothed. No use of oil.

Please book a 2 hour session at the reception, preferably half-day before the session.