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retreat physical,mental,spiritual wellness

This retreat Center is a space dedicated to physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. For this reason we ask you to maintain a positive and sensible attitude throughout your stay. This involves putting aside critical opinions, judgments and being ready to challenge habitual manners of thinking. Each retreat is seen as an opportunity to study ourselves, while [...]

Yoga Hatha class at 6AM

Sun salutation at 6 Am at Blue indigo yoga & Meditation Cottage Yoga and meditation retreat in Siem Reap Hatha yoga , there is no age limit for those who wish to practise yoga, or asanas, as the yoga postures are called. They can be practised at any age, no matter whether you are [...]

Yoga for weight loss

Yoga Therapy YOGA FOR WEIGHT LOSS & WELLNESS PROGRAM                                                  at                    BLUE INDIGO RETREAT CENTER  Over weight and Obesity are the leading risk [...]

Yoga Therapy & Mindfulness yoga-TTC-200H

In Blue Indigo Cottage " Yoga Alliance International" certified Teacher Training Course (Mindfulness Yoga & Yoga Therapy) 28 days -(200 Hours) Hi, my name is Krishna Raja, and Im starting every  month on 1st from July 1st 2016 up to February 2017 and again from July  2017 up to February 2018 ! The 200 hours Teacher Training [...]

Fly with Aerial Yoga

Fly Aerial Yoga combines 
acrobatic arts and anti-gravity asana, but
 it’s also an accessible 
practice that can help you find more length 
in your spine and safe 
in your poses. Aerial silks can also provide natural alignment adjustments. For all of its therapeutic and 
alignment value, an aerial practice 
is also fun. Fly Aerial [...]

Krishna Raja master Teacher

Himalayan International Yoga  – Blue Indigo Yoga retreat center PROFESSIONAL SUCCESS THROUGH YOGA With master teacher  KRISHNA RAJA Traditional Holistic Asthanga Yoga works at Physical, Mental, Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual levels. Learn Application of Yoga in problem solving and decision making by enhancing analytical and intuitive capability. Nurture creativity and lateral thinking by stimulating the right […]

Yoga Workshop on Sept 27-04 Oct !

[title_bar sub_heading=”” heading=”Breathing for a better life By Made Sumantra from Bali !”] Workshop 8 days for 450 USD only ! Where ? In a cultural world center , Angkor Vat , Cambodia ! I MADE SUMANTRA was born and raised in Banjar Payogan, Ubud Gianyar, Bali. From childhood he was interested in supranatural. He […]

Yoga spiritual & tradition

Yoga is a bridge in  Cambodian story , with hindouism and bouddhism Everyday, The Guru Elodie Leen teaches the morning sessions  we have a menbership card for customers Namasté Yoga for the Khmer sovereigns demanded two religions from India , Hinduism and Buddhism quickly acclimated with some fidelity to Indian origins , despite the introduction […]

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Bali yoga have started!

Artawan Nengah is master yoga professor from Denpasar, Bali. He will be visiting us for the opening session  Sunday June 21st,  and teach Yoga daily at the retreat until June 29th. Artawan also performs the most sacred traditional dances, among them le Topeng tua (white mask). Nengah attended the International Day of Yoga in Siem […]