retreat physical,mental,spiritual wellness

retreat physical,mental,spiritual wellness

This retreat Center is a space dedicated to physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. For this reason we ask you to maintain a positive and sensible attitude throughout your stay. This involves putting aside critical opinions, judgments and being ready to challenge habitual manners of thinking.

Each retreat is seen as an opportunity to study ourselves, while making room for growth and personal development. In order to preserve a stable group energy, thank you for attending at least one Yoga session a day as well as all the Philosophy and Meditation classes.We commit to do our best to make your stay pleasant and enjoyable. 

  • Benefits of Asana – Physical, Therapeutic and Spiritual benefits
  • Pay attention to how you feel and start to set intentions of how you want to feel, what you want to do, what you want to create with your life.
  • Listen to your breath and find moments to slow down and just be
  • mission is to provide an intentional space for people to begin, explore, and deepen their spiritual path and personal practice.

About The Author


18 years in Cambodia, co-founder of Angkor Photo Festival. Like cambodia spirit country, with Theravada Buddhism. Open Blue Indigo Cottage , retreat center, for share yoga traditional and meditation Pranayama.