Frequently Asked Questions….

… and we hope an answer to help your decision. Do contact us at blueindigozencottage@gmail.com if you can’t get an answer to your question.

Are you a retreat, a cottage, an ashram, a guest house, or a hotel?
What kind of packages you offer?
What kind of meditation do you practice and coach?
I found a guest house which is half the price. Why are you more expensive than guest houses?
What is the encouraged behavior at the retreat?
I am staying at another hotel, can I still come practice?
How can I go visit the temples while doing a package with you?
What kind of food is part of the package?
How much is a package, and can I get a better price?
What is included and excluded from the package?
Are there mosquitoes and malaria there?
In case of medical emergency, are there good hospitals in Siem Reap?
Whats the weather like? Hot?
How do I secure a booking? Deposits?
I am a beginner... what are the yoga levels you coach for?
I have a schedule change and have to cancel.... refunds?
What are the payment methods?
How are the beds?
What is a typical budget for Siem Reap?
Do I bring Dollars or Euros or....?
Where is the swimming pool?


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