Krishna Raja master Teacher

Krishna Raja master Teacher

Himalayan International Yoga  – Blue Indigo Yoga retreat center

With master teacher  KRISHNA RAJA
Traditional Holistic Asthanga Yoga works at Physical, Mental, Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual levels.
Learn Application of Yoga in problem solving and decision making by enhancing analytical and intuitive capability.
Nurture creativity and lateral thinking by stimulating the right brain through Holistic Yogic practices.
Enhance Emotional Quotient (EQ) and Emotional Intelligence(EI)
Learn the Art of working without stress and strain and thereby increase the efficiency and output of work.
Holistic Yoga is an effective tool for stress management.


WORKSHOPS                                                    DATES

Integrated Holistic Yoga                              Sept 7th – 13th        8-AM   or  10.15 AM

Pranayama & Meditation                             Sept 21st- 27th        8-AM   or  10.15 AM

Yoga for Weight Management                     Oct 5th –11th          8-AM   or  10.15 AM

Yoga for Stress Management                       Oct 19th – 25th       8-AM   or  10.15 AM

Yoga Therapy & Wellness                             Nov 5th – 11th         8-AM   or  10.15 AM

Pranayama & Meditation                              Nov 19th – 25th      8-AM   or  10.15 AM                    –

( Above rate includes Workshop material)

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About Krishna Raja

Kirshna Raja-Certified Yoga teacher and Yoga Therapist, hailing from a family of traditional Yoga practitioners in South India.He learned Yoga techniques at the age of 8 from his uncle who was a yoga teacher and regular Yoga practitioner at Ramakrishna Mission and Vivekananda Ashram where they teach authentic traditional Yoga techniques


USD 615 on Twin sharing
USD 685 single
*Occupancy *3 meals *wifi

SPECIAL ! Non residents: usd 400-Pax

Include: *mates *water *shower place

1.Workshop on Yoga  Therapy & Wellness
80% of our modern day diseases are Psychosomatic diseases caused by stressful  unhealthy lifestyle. Since the root cause is  MENTAL STRESS, modern day medicine has no proper solution. Traditional Holistic Yoga addresses the root cause “stress” and provides efficient techniques for preventing and managing these diseases. This Workshop will focus on preventing and managing the following diseases.
Asthma, Diabetes, Allergy, Hypertension, Heart problems, Anxiety & Depression, Obesity, Gastritis, Migraine, Back pain, Neck Pain,, Arthritis, Sleeping disorders etc…

2.”My yoga detox at villa flow was so amazing that I am booking to go back In sept with my husband . The staff , food even the detox soups and salads and juices are fantastic so tasty and healthy , the rooms, the view , the peace , the gardens !!!!! The yoga , treatmants Are wonderfu3.

  •  3  Workshop on Yoga for Stress Management
    Stress and stress related Psychosomatic diseases are the main problems we are facing in the modern world. Modern medicine has no proper solution because it does not address the root cause “stress”. Holistic integrated approach of Yoga (Traditional Holistic Yoga) which addresses the root cause “stress” provides efficient techniques for preventing and managing stress at Physical, Mental and Emotional levels. Therefore it provides efficient solutions for the stress related diseases too. At the end of the Workshop participants will understand and be able to practice these techniques on their own – SELF MANAGEMENT OF STRESS
  • 4. Workshop on Integrated Holistic Yoga
    This Workshop will focus on giving the participants clear understanding of the basics of the Philosophy of Yoga and how to apply them when practicing.
    ·  Concept of Yoga and definitions from our ancient texts and authorities.
    ·  Concept of Human body according to Yogic science .( Which is different from Modern science/Medicine)
    ·  Benefits of Yoga for “ TOTAL BODY”(ie) for all the 5 components of the Total Body-Physical Body, Vital Energy Body,Mind Body, Knowledge Body and Bliss Body.
    ·  Complete process of Yoga – Karma Yoga, Bhakthi Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Raja Yoga..
    ·  8 Limbs/parts of Raja Yoga- Asanas/Postures is one of the 8 parts/limbs.
    Suitable for Yoga practitioners and Yoga Teachers of different styles and for all those who want to learn Traditional Authentic Holistic Yoga.
  • 5.     Yoga for Weight Management
    This workshop will focus on weight determinants such as Eating habits, Type of food, Breathing habits, Hormonal balance, stress levels, Life styles, Exercises which play a vital role in Weight management and maintaining proper figure. Participants of this workshop will understand the above determinants, healthy way of weight management through Holistic Yoga techniques and to practice on their own to have a control of their weight – SELF MANAGEMENT OF WEIGHT. They will also learn about the diseases which are due to overweight.

will understand and be able to practice these techniques on their own – SELF MANAGEMENT OF STRESS.