Meals in a garden

Meals are shared in a garden, friendly atmosphere, simplicity and friendship. These are mainly Khmer dishes, vegetarian, with  seasonal fruits and vegetables (preferably organic), and occasionally  fish and tofu .

We offer vegan dishes upon request, do let us know upon arrival.

These meals are perfectly balanced. Breakfast is adapted to Westerners, and consists of a buffet, fresh detox and fruit juices, natural yoghurt, Cambodian honey, different savory or sweet dishes, like  carrots cake or soybeans based dishes.

Teas are speciality mixes of the house with flower aromas. Coffee, Fresh lemon juice and passion fruit, grapefruit and mangoes accompany a fruit platter for your meals.

Salads of green mangoes, bananas or flowers are offered very often. Grapefruit and papaya are used as the bases of detox meal. We offer healthy menus where lemon and cucumber are very important.