Yogini Hatha Yoga

Yogini Hatha Yoga

Resident yoga teacher (yogini) Elodie Leen

Elodie was with Blue Indigo sharing her talent and kindness. She actually was the first teacher here! She is now teaching in Thailand. In behalf of all guests and Blue Indigo staff, we thank you Elodie, a wonderful person and coach.

Hatha Yoga program with Elodie Leen, our resident yogini, teaching daily sessions such as Ashtanga, Hatha Pranayama et flow yoga. She offers 1:30h programs  in the morning and afternoon.


Yogini Elodie Leen certified with yoga alliance in India in 2013 (200 hours Hatha Yoga)  with a specialty in the art of posture adjustments and Pranayama (breating exercises). From then she understood that training was just a foundation, so she decided to go back to India and certify another 200 hours Ashtanga Vinyasa, specializing in the art and science of adjustments, as well Mysore style teaching.

In that YTTC (Yoga Teacher Training Course) she learned, among others, the full primary serie (72 asanas), the essence of Yoga, and how to sequence and teach flow classes for a more harmonious coaching. She  enjoyed that journey so much that Indians yoga masters offered her the opportunity to assist them on a Ashtanga YTTC, so she gained another 200h Ashtanga assistant experience.

After all those certification with Samyak Yoga, she has decided to travel around India to discover what others teacher have to offer to expand her knowledge and teachings to an other level.

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