Yoga is like an ancient magic mirror. When you first discover it, it is all dirty and dusty. You start polishing it, and as you do, it slowly begins to show your reflection. At first, it’s just the glimpses of segmented parts of you. But the more you persist, the more these parts connect, to reflect the Whole. And once you see yourself fully reflected, the looking-glass manifests it’s magic, and takes you through and to the other side, where everything looks the same, but will never be the same again…

So was my journey. In the beginning of my Yoga experience, I didn’t exactly know what I was doing or why. But by some miracle, I kept on doing it, until the practice became the part of my life. Right now Yoga is for me not only about the physical performance of the asanas. It is the part of everything I do. Whenever during the day I remember to take an aware, conscious breath, I do Yoga. Whenever I master equanimity in a difficult situation – I do Yoga. Whenever I remember to sit or stand with my back and neck straight – I do Yoga. Whenever I choose the challenging over an easy and comfortable – I do Yoga.

But here at Blue Indigo, I allow myself to forget about Yoga from time to time – to play with one of the cats 🙂