retreat physical,mental,spiritual wellness

This retreat Center is a space dedicated to physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. For this reason we ask you to maintain a positive and sensible attitude throughout your stay. This involves putting aside critical opinions, judgments and being ready to challenge habitual manners of thinking. Each retreat is seen as an opportunity to study ourselves, while [...]

Fly with Aerial Yoga

Fly Aerial Yoga combines 
acrobatic arts and anti-gravity asana, but
 it’s also an accessible 
practice that can help you find more length 
in your spine and safe 
in your poses. Aerial silks can also provide natural alignment adjustments. For all of its therapeutic and 
alignment value, an aerial practice 
is also fun. Fly Aerial [...]

Yoga Hatha & Pranayama

Practice Yoga and enjoy our Angkor City tour ! AM :6.00-7.30 Blue Indigo retreat center is offering Yoga classes four times per day. Classes are avalable  to Siem Reap residents as well as for our guest at the center. Daily program: AM 5h30 – 6h00: Méditation: Theravada ( optional) AM 6h00 – 7h30: Hatha Yoga Asana […]