For Yoga professionals looking at running workshops and retreats at Blue Indigo

You are a yoga studio or a yoga coach looking at running retreats or TTCs at Blue Indigo?

We provide the venue, we take care of logistics and organization, you can focus on the retreat and your teachings. Please read below and learn now to share your experience and talent at Blue Indigo.

Please allow me to introduce myself, I am Jean, the founder of Blue Indigo Yoga Cottage in Siem Reap, Cambodia. You certainly know Siem Reap for its Angkor temples, the largest and most visited religious monument in Southeast Asia. Siem reap is also home for many other attractions and restaurants, and recently a popular place for people in search of well-being and healing, via yoga and meditation.

We have a small, intimate yoga center located downtown, in a quiet garden. We have a great environment for yoga retreats.

We have 8 daily classes, and organize 3, 5 and 7 day retreats. We have 2 instructors on site and many volunteers, some visiting us from abroad to run retreats in our yoga shalas. We have had a few retreat organized and run by yogis already, and visitors from Hong-kong part of our retreats, and people were very satisfied by the area (Siem Reap) and with our center. We can refer you to our previous retreat organizers if you want a third-party reference.


Would you consider visit it us, or organizing yoga retreats in Blue indigo?

Please imagine the following scenario:

  • you advertise in your center, social network, and to your existing customers
  • you collect bookings and we arrange schedules according to your expectations
  • once finalized, we get the customers from the airport and help run the retreat per agreement with 100% commitment to their satisfaction
  • you receive your commission


This will allow you to:

  • Take your customers/teachers on a field trip, in a place dedicated to yoga, in a world heritage site
  • Get a commission for your work advertising and collecting bookings
  • Get free accommodation and food (for 1 trip leader and groups over 7 people)
  • We would add a link of your studio on our “partners” page.


You can either run your complete retreat, with your instructor(s) and schedule, or let us run the retreat for you with our professional and certified instructors. All other logistics are taken care of (healthy meals, transportation, visit to Angkor temple and other natural areas, classes, yoga mats, wifi,…)


To compensate for your precious time and efforts promoting the retreats, you would get a   commission on the total bookings amounts. For workshops over 7 participants, leaders get free lodging and food.


Please consider this offer, and if you are interested, let us know if you have questions, we can have a short phone or skype conversation.


thank you very much


Om Shanti,


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