Yoga spiritual & tradition

Yoga spiritual & tradition

Yoga is a bridge in  Cambodian story , with hindouism and bouddhism

Everyday, The Guru Elodie Leen teaches the morning sessions

 we have a menbership card for customers

  • Morning: 6h-7h30
  • Traditional  Hatha Yoga & Pranayama
  • Afternoon: 16h – 17h30
  • Flow Ashtanga & Hatha yoga

Yoga for the Khmer sovereigns demanded two religions from India , Hinduism and
Buddhism quickly acclimated with some fidelity to Indian origins , despite the introduction of indigenous religious
elements . both preach ways to escape the causal cycle, causing endless rebirths, ( metempsychosis ) .

We can also have yoga sessions around the temple Area, as well as in a beautiful woodenhouse once a week. 
We can offer memberships, with the first lesson for free for non residents.
The price is 5 usd/ for 1h20. special price for September.
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