Yoga Therapy & Mindfulness yoga-TTC-200H

Yoga Therapy & Mindfulness yoga-TTC-200H

In Blue Indigo Cottage
” Yoga Alliance International” certified Teacher Training Course
(Mindfulness Yoga & Yoga Therapy)

28 days –(200 Hours)

Hi, my name is Krishna Raja, and Im starting every  month on 1st from July 1st 2016 up to February 2017 and again from July  2017 up to February 2018 !


The 200 hours Teacher Training by Himalayan International Yoga School- ” Yoga Alliance International” certified Yoga school founded by Master Teacher Krishna Raja .
The  teachers are Highly qualified,experienced and certified by Internationally recognized Yoga schools,Yoga Universities,International Vedanta Centers,Professional bodies including YOGA ALLIANCE INTERNATIONAL( 200 hours and 500 hours,ERYT).
Kirshna Raja-Certified Yoga teacher and Yoga Therapist, hailing from a family of traditional Yoga practitioners in South India.He learned Yoga techniques at the age of 8 from his uncle who was a yoga teacher and regular Yoga practitioner at Ramakrishna Mission and Vivekananda Ashram where they teach authentic traditional Yoga. …….
Dr. S. Gokhale, MBBS, MD Prof and Head, Microbiology, Director, Basic Sciences….  For the detailed Profiles visit the school Website
The ancient Indian science of Yoga has always considered Mind as being supreme over matter and has based its practices on this idea.
The great Rishi PATANJALI defines Yoga as ” A systematic conscious process of mastering/controlling the Mind”. This process of mastering the mind is” Yoga “. In this process, according to Patanjali’s Yoga sutras/aphorisms all 5 aspects/bodies of total Human system/Total body must be involved. Physical body,Breathing body,Mind body,Knowledge body/Inner mind and Bliss body are the 5 aspects/bodies of our Total body(Pancha Kosas). All these 5 are interrelated and interdependent one unit.(Based on this concept of Human body Eight limbed Astanga Yoga was explained by the great Rishi Patanjali 5000 years ago.)
Even one of these cannot be neglected.When Yoga is practiced by involving all five bodies,the Total body gets the Physical benefits,Therapeutic benefits and Spiritual benefits. This will result in maintaining homeostasis in the Body level and equanimity in Mind level and leads to positive health, happiness and peace of mind.This method of holistic practice is the traditional authentic yoga. All must learn this way of practicing Yoga to live a stress free happy life in this fast paced modern world. 
Yoga Therapy and Mindfulness Yoga go hand in hand.
Western philosophy and Psychology even now lay great stress on the Physical body and consider the Mind to be its by-product. Even the western view of Yoga is also the same and most of the Yoga practices are done only at the physical body level.Some practice at breathing body level also.Yoga is also fragmented.Some teach and practice only one aspect or one part of the Yoga process. Some mix it with other forms of physical exercises. Therefore most of the modern Yoga are not authentic, They have moved away from the originality of the pure traditional Mindfulness  holistic Yoga.
RAJA YOGA (path of willpower)-Patanjali’s Holistic Astanga Yoga(Slow, Focused, meditatively with Breathing, Knowledge and Smile) and Hatha Yoga(Branch of Raja Yoga)
Students also will learn and experience Karma Yoga (path of Action) and Bakthi Yoga (Path of Devotion and Emotion).
They will also learn the basics of Yoga Therapy for preventing and managing Psychosomatic diseases(80% of the modern day diseases).
In addition to the above, basic knowledge of Ayurveda and Foot Reflexology (Watpo style) also will be taught.
Students will be trained in Application of Raja Yoga – “Yoga teaching” as a career; How to start a Yoga Center/Studio; Marketing techniques;Identifying Market segments and devising suitable marketing strategies and Yoga modules for different market segments,Yoga Therapy, Yoga and Social work, Yoga modules for students, for Elderly persons, for Pregnant ladies,for Sports persons, for Trekkers etc…
Each participant will possess a firm foundation for teaching others and would have deepened their knowledge and Holistic practice.
Participants will be able to teach both Traditional Mindfulness Authentic Astanga Yoga & Authentic Hatha Yoga.
Participants will have a clear understanding about how to start a career as a Yoga teacher.
Upon successful completion of the course the Participants will receive Internationally recognized “YOGA ALLIANCE INTERNATIONAL” certificates.



Wake up

Morning Yogic Walk/ Meditation/Devotional songs


Theory classes and demonstrations

Juice break

Practical classes/Teacher training sessions

Question and answer sessions/ Karma Yoga sessions

Lunch break

Rest and free time

Theory classes and demonstrations

Tea time

Practical classes/Teacher training sessions

Rest/Free time


Free time

Bed time


With comfortable lodging, balanced and health oriented meals yoga and meditation sessions will be taken by Krishna Raja from India and our guest Teachers. Blue Indigo Retreat center offers a unique yoga retreat venue in a cultural world center, Angkor Wat, in Blue Indigo Sala in Siem Reap, Cambodia.
The resort town of Siem Reap, in northwestern Cambodia, is gateway to the ruins of Angkor, the seat of the Khmer kingdom from the 9th-15th centuries. Angkor’s vast complex of intricate stone buildings includes preserved Angkor Wat, the main temple, which is pictured on Cambodia’s flag. Giant, mysterious faces are carved into the  Bayon temple at Angkor Thom.
The cottage Blue Indigo is very well located, 10 minutes away from the Siem Reap riverside.
Seven wooden cottages, each 30 m2, with a big ceiling fan to keep the atmosphere cool. Lovely bathroom with shower and a double bed, with a  mosquito nets. Comfortable with wood furniture . The cottages are in quiet space with trees and flowers for a lovely atmosphere.
In the center of the property there is a 100 m2 sala, for yoga and meditation. This sala is built traditional materials, very well ventilated.
There is also a restaurant space, very shady, for breakfasts, lunches or dinners. We also offer a relaxation room, for the well being of the body. The thevada massage is renowned in Cambodia.
Meals are shared in a garden in a  friendly atmosphere. Simplicity and friendship at no extra charge. These are mainly vegetarian meals Khmer, with many seasonal fruits and vegetables, of course rice.
These meals are perfectly balanced and maintain body balance and spirituality. Breakfast is adapted to Westerners, and consists of a buffet – including fruit drinks, natural yoghurt, cambodian honey, different savory or sweet dishes, like carrots cake or soybeans based dishes.
Teas are speciallity- home made with flower aromas. Coffee, fresh lemon juice and passion fruit, grapefruit and mangoes accompany a fruit platter for your meals. Salads of green mangoes, bananas or flowers are offered very often. Grapefruit and papaya are used as the bases of  the detox meal. We offer healthy menus where lemon and cucumber are very important component.
Transport from downtown Siem Reap or from the airport when you arrive to your cottage retreat center
Free access to wi Fi
Breakfast, lunch. Dinner is optional.
Vegetarian food
A yoga training in the Temple Area.
Drinking water, coffee, tea, and fresh juices
Detox session during your stay
We can provide one reflexology Khmer massage, Ayurveda massage
Course materiels ( Books, etc….)
28 nights accommodations, in rooms of double occupancy , with comfortable and restful beds, fans, suite bathrooms, daily maid service, and linens.
200 hours includes of  classes – theory and practicals,study,assignments,Karma Yoga, Theory and practical examinations.   Upon successful completion students will receive their professional certificates from “Yoga Alliance International” and Himalayan International Yoga School. This certificate is Internationally recognized.
Airport transfers
Transfer from and to Airport on request.
Additional information
For more information ask your questions directly to Blue Indigo cottage.  We will be happy to assist you. Simply click on the Contact Organizer button to send a message.
Booking conditions
You can do a  payment in full or choose a Paypal plan with 200 USD registration deposit.  4 % commission + prices. thank you
Payments are refundable with written notice up to 06 days prior to the course starting date. We will be deducting USD195 which is  non-refundable registration deposit.
From the period of 30 days to 22 days prior to the course starting date, payments may be transferred to another program occurring within the following 12 months.
No refunds or transfers for any payments will be provided within 21 days prior to session start date.
2680 usd on  single occupancy
2160 usd/  on sharing occupancy